Renters Insurance

Renters InsuranceIn this economy, it makes sense to rent. If you do, play it safe. Protect the things your landlord won’t cover.

If you are a renter, whether it’s a private home, apartment, condominium, or your dorm room at college, it is your responsibility to have insurance to cover your personal property from damages due to fire, theft, or vandalism. Your landlord (hopefully) has insurance on the property – not on YOUR personal affects.

It is possible and likely that your personal affects represent a considerable investment. We offer “Renter’s Insurance” or “Tenant’s Insurance” to protect you and reimburse you in the event of damage or theft.

Renter’s or Tenant’s insurance coverage is intended to compensate you for loss in one of two ways: ACV – Actual Cash Value or Replacement Cost. ACV coverage will only reimburse you the cost of your belongings TODAY. Replacement Cost will compensate you for the actual cost to replace your belongings with new ones, in the future.

If guests come to your home, it’s advisable to add the Optional “liability coverage” to your Renter’s Insurance to make certain your assets are protected should anyone become injured while at your home. This insurance may cover medical expenses and take care of the legal fees should you be sued.

Should your home become uninhabitable for any reason, Renter’s Insurance may compensate you for expenses incurred for renting a temporary place to live.

Our agents are dedicated to helping you to get the proper coverage at an affordable rate.  

When you own rental property, you want to make certain that your investment is well protected with Property or Landlord Insurance. This insurance is in place to protect the investor against any losses which are likely and possible with renting single family dwelling, duplex, triplex, or condominium to tenants

“Rental Property Insurance” policies may shield the investor against any damage to your property from named perils including fire, lightning, hail, and windstorms. Should you be sued, the Landlord Insurance Policy covers you for Legal Fees and Liability Protection in the event that a tenant or guest injures themselves while on your property.

There are also coverage options available such as:

  • Loss of Rental Income
  • Theft
  • Personal Property
  • Vandalism

In addition, if you are currently between tenants or your rental property is undergoing renovations, we have Vacant Rental Property Insurance policies available. Contact us for more information at (817) 382-7803.